Web Application Development


Modern Apps that Run In Your Browser


Even if you don’t consider yourself a “software company”, we can help you develop a cross-platform web application that is light weight, low cost, and built using the latest tools and techniques.

Why choose Lorvenk as your Web App Development Partner?

  • You get working software in a matter of weeks, not months, using a proven Agile development process honed over many software projects
  • You can save tens of thousands on licensing, hosting, and maintenance costs by choosing our lightweight, low-cost toolset over a traditional on-premises stack
  • You can be confident in our team of industry veterans who have worked together for over 5 years on average
  • You’ll enjoy working with our “Smart + Fun” team; our customer satisfaction scores are 43% higher than the average consultancy!

Why Web Apps Win Out Over Desktop Applications

Web applications can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Remote and distributed teams are quickly becoming more popular thus increasing the importance of having global reach with software.
Many web applications look and feel the same, and for a good reason. Users want and expect certain behavior based on their experience with other web applications. At Lorvenk, we use tools and frameworks created by the open-source community to replicate standard and expected behaviors which allows us to rapidly kick-off new projects.
Traditional desktop applications target only Windows, and likely only a select few of Windows versions (XP, 7, 8, and 10). Web applications are not bound by these limitations, and can be used on Windows, Mac, Unix. Additionally, web based mobile apps are becoming an increasingly popular mechanism to support mobile devices without building multiple applications for each of the mobile platforms (iOS, Android, and Windows).
A browser is the only piece of software the user will need to install, and it would be difficult to find a modern PC, Mac, or mobile device that doesn’t already have one installed. This is vital if you are producing an application for users outside of your organization; the average user does not want to download and install applications on their devices.
Updates to desktop applications require re-installation on all machines that run the software. In a 1,000 person organization it can become quite tedious and expensive. Web applications only need to be updated on the servers that host the application.
The advantages listed above all lead to overall lower costs of development and on-going maintenance of web applications over traditional desktop software.

Our Go-To Tech for Web Applications

Lorvenk develops web applications for clients using a variety of technologies. We have also expertise with all of the popular JavaScript frameworks. This allows us to produce rich user experience within a web browser that work on a modern browsers and mobile devices.

Additionally, we maintain an internal web development app that we use to train, practice, and keep our skills on the leading edge of the technology curve.

Interested in learning more about the technologies we use when building modern web applications?