Why Business Intelligence (BI)?

To do your job well, you need the right information at the right time. Unfortunately, that information lives in an ever-increasing mess of disconnected spreadsheets, systems, databases and applications. Have you finally hit your breaking point with mega spreadsheets? Analytics and BI dashboards make it easy to surface the critical information your business stakeholders need to drive better result. Are you ready to see better returns from your Tableau , Spotfire or Microsoft Power BI licenses?

The BI Maturity Spectrum

Our Business Intelligence and Analytics services are designed to turn data into information. Businesses exist on a spectrum of maturity when it comes to BI and data analytics. Some have not yet tamed their data sprawl. Others have organized their data but lack a full complement of reports based off of it. Still others have static reports but are not offering rich, interactive visualizations so that their employees can discover answers to their own questions. Few companies are subjecting their data to true analytical scrutiny, mining for trends and making data-backed predictions about the future of their business. Where your firm is on this spectrum will determine whether it is time to consider Master Data Management, Reporting, Self-Service Business Intelligence, or Analytics. In any case, we are there to help.

Big Data Visualization

Luckily, software has evolved to help face the challenge that “Big Data” poses. Advanced hardware and innovative data storage methods have allowed tools such as Tableau, Spotfire, and more recently Power BI to chart, filter, and re-render huge amounts of information, allowing for the visualization of big data that was not possible in the past. They are supported by connectors to bring in data from disparate systems and rapid development tooling to allow business users to build their own big data visualizations. The advances in these types of tools have led to “Big Data Visualization” being accessible to even small businesses.

Our data analytics and business intelligence consultants are proven experts at data integration and visualization. We’ll help you answer your most critical business questions by surfacing the insights and answers hidden in your data. We help you find those insights with powerful, interactive visualizations and self-service analytics that are easy to consume and share with your colleagues and decision makers.

Over the past two decades, businesses have undergone a massive shift in the availability of data and the problems they must face when dealing with it. In the past, business leaders navigated in metaphorical darkness due to lack of data. Today, leaders find themselves in a thick fog of too much data, all disorganized and disconnected. The challenge is no longer to locate scarce data, it is to organize the mass of data we have so that our people and systems can gain insight from it.

Flexible Services Model

We offer a flexible services model designed to complement the specific needs of your team.

Using our BI Transformation Process, we’ll work with you to move your business to higher levels of BI maturity. Whether your data is disorganized, you want rich visualizations, you need standard reports, or you are ready to take on advanced analytics, we can help.

If your team feels confident that they can take on a part of the project themselves, we can act as your partner, delivering work that your group may not be experts in, or may not have time to take on.

We’ll mentor your business analysts to get them up to speed on the latest dashboard reporting, big data & analytics best practices.

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