Why Snowflake Services

Challenged with diverse data from dissimilar sources?
Getting restriction in scaling data and performance?
Current data server costs becoming unjustifiable?

A traditional Data Warehouse solution lacks the flexibility to scale with growing business demands, and also struggles with security and performance. You need a combination of Snowflake’s state-of-the-art Cloud Data Warehouse and our deep expertise, with years of experience Lorvenk Technologies provides you reliable service.

Snowflake Services

Solution Consulting

We help you make the most of Snowflake’s Cloud Data Platform by integrating it with your tools and applications. This enables you to leverage Snowflake’s flexibility to deliver more meaningful data insights.

Data Warehouse Architecture

We are adept at building One-Tier, Two-Tier, and Three-Tier Data Warehouses. We will determine the best combination of Sourcing, Acquisition, Clean-up and Transformation Tools (ETL Tools), Datawarehouse Database, Meta Data, Query Tools, and Reporting/Analysis/Mining tools best suited for your objective. Apart from capitalizing the cloud’s benefits, our comprehensive architecture solution will factor in centralized storage, scaling of computing and storage resources, near-unlimited concurrency, data loading and querying, BCP, a robust metadata service, and transparent storage-as-a-service.

Data Ingestion Design

Claimed often as the first step to a sound data strategy, our Data Ingestion Design will act as the backbone of your analytics architecture. This is critical, as downstream reporting and analytics systems rely on consistent and accessible data. Your business requirements will define whether the data ingestion could be batch or streaming, depending on various models or architectures.

Data Warehouse Implementation

Apart from moving the data to your new Snowflake data warehouse, we modify your existing ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) workflows and optimize them.


If you’re just getting started with Snowflake Data Cloud, we will provide the training and resources to help you materialize your data initiatives.


This is primarily to migrate the data from your on-premise data warehouse and other cloud service providers to Snowflake Cloud Data. Our migration execution involves Migration Planning, Scripts Conversion, Data Migration, and Data Ingestion. Our deep expertise in cloud integration, data validation, reporting, and analytics helps us leverage the best tools for these processes.

How Snowflake is Different

Information has an expiration date. Snowflake is disrupting the data warehousing market with its unique scalable approach that offers both vertical and horizontal scaling to rapidly process mission critical workloads, giving your decision makers the information they need, when they need it. This scalability allows Snowflake to unify your data lineage with a comprehensive solution for integration, storage, presentation, and advanced analytics while satisfying organizational goals around security and compliance.

Load data faster, add new users, and run a high volume of queries. Your Data Scientists will never have to wait for other loading and processing tasks to complete. You can also scale up or down your virtual warehouse and pay only for the time used.

Combine structured and semistructured data for analysis. And load it on the cloud without converting or transforming it into a fixed schema. Snowflake will automatically optimize how the data is stored and queried.

Snowflake Data Cloud is designed to tolerate component and network failures with minimal impact to customers. It is SOC 2 Type II certified and supports additional levels of security like PHI data support for HIPAA customers. And data encryption is available.

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